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About Us

About Massage Casa

Our Vision

When Massage Casa was founded, the goal was to bring massages into people's homes so they could relax and heal in a comfortable environment. This vision changed slightly in 2018 when Massage Casa moved into Root to Route Botanicals (formerly known as Herbalicious). Massage Casa's primary goal is still to help people relax and heal in a comfortable environment. The difference is now we're providing the environment.

Every client who gets on our table is different. Every client has different needs and wants. Because of this, we customize our massages to meet the wants and needs of our clients to the best of our ability. Almost everything about the massage, from the music listened to, to the oil used, and the modality applied, can be adjusted according to the client's preferences. While we don't have an unlimited amount of options, we have a wide range of choices for you to pick from. Most of the massages are even priced at the same rate, so customization can occur mid session if needed (the exception is massages that require extra preparation before-hand such as hot stone).

Along with our massages, we offer self-care and family-care classes. This is because we believe healing belongs in the home as much as it does on the massage table. While a client will probably never be able to hit that sweet spot the same way as a massage therapist, they can still help their bodies feel relaxed and be healthy in between sessions. We also want them to be able to help their loved ones, from significant others to children and infants, be able to live fuller, healthier lives as well. We may no longer go from house to house doing massages, but Massage Casa still believes in the power of bringing massages home.

Our Story

Massage Casa is the realization of a dream. When Cindy Crockett, the founder of Massage Casa, was still in massage school, she dreamed of having her own massage business where massages could be customized to meet the needs of the clients. The goal was that no matter what a client was looking for, they could find it at one location. While it's impossible to quite meet that goal, Massage Casa comes close.

For seven years this dream was pondered on, adjusted, and refined. Finally, in 2017, Cindy took a leap of faith and founded Massage Casa LLC. At the time, we believed that the best way to help our clients have a completely customizable experience was for them to provide their own atmosphere. They could adjust it to whatever their needs were with Massage Casa's therapists coming in and taking the environment to the next level. After six months of doing outcall massage in people's homes, we realized we could better serve Casa Grande's population by having a location and making adjustments inside our room to meet the client's needs.

The opportunity for us to move inside of Root to Route was providential. A random Facebook encounter introduced Cindy Crockett to Emily Sebring, Root to Route's owner and mastermind. Within weeks, we'd moved inside of Root to Route (then Herbalicious) and started our new journey.

Being inside Root to Route has been a blessing for Massage Casa. On a daily basis, we get to meet people actively searching for natural ways to improve their health. We also get to introduce our clients to all that Root to Route has to offer.  Business has grown significantly as we've been able to better meet people's needs. We've been able to expand our services, including the addition of Hot Stone Massage, and are looking forward to a long-term connection with Root to Route.

Meet the Team

Massage Casa is a small business with big dreams. These are the people who keep Massage Casa running.

Cindy Crockett

Cindy Crockett graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy (now Cortiva Institute) in 2010. Not satisfied with a basic understanding of massage, upon graduation, she immediately jumped into UCMT's Master Bodyworker Program.  Cindy's love for knowledge has continued. She has taken many continuing education courses on varying modalities and pursued individual learning as well. Last year, Cindy became a certified infant massage instructor. This year, Cindy has pursued energy work training and recieved the reiki level 2 attunement in order to become a reiki practitioner.

Before starting Massage Casa, Cindy worked at a day spa, with multiple chiropractors, and did outcall massage on the side. These opportunities helped Cindy make Massage Casa what it is today.

Cindy loves the human body and helping people live fuller, healthier lives. While she loves being a massage therapist and will never completely leave the massage field, Cindy is also pursing a degree in biomedical engineering from ASU, with a focus in management and business development.

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Owner, Massage Therapist

Jadyn Hicks

19-03 Jadyn

Massage Therapist

Jadyn graduated in 2014 from the Therapeutic Massage Program at Chandler Gilbert Community College with an LMT and an Associates in Applied Sciences. While in school, she benefited from the wealth of knowledge that her instructors were able to pass on to her, and a spark was ignited not only for a love of science and biology, but for helping and working with people from all walks of life. Initially set on continuing her education further into other modalities, Jadyn took a brief pause on her education and massage career when her daughter was born and their family moved to California. Back in Arizona, Jadyn couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Massage Casa family and to have the opportunity to work again in the field that she is so passionate about.

Jadyn has experience working with a wide variety of people and is trained in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, and therapeutic application of essential oils. She believes that preventative care should always be a priority and that the human body, if given the right tools, is capable of amazing things. Following her passions for science and education, Jadyn is pursuing a degree in Applied Biology at Arizona State University with the hopes that it will give her the tools to use her knowledge to continue helping others.

“I love my clients, and have been honored to be able to be a part of so many people’s paths to healing. I can’t wait to be a part of yours!”

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